I-India is a Leadership and Innovation Service organization dedicated to delivering experiential Learning and Executive Leadership Development Programs to Fortune 1000 corporations and universities worldwide. Our mission is to contribute to creating a safer and fairer world through transformative education initiatives.

We specialize in providing executive education for corporate executives and organizing study abroad tours for universities, with a specific emphasis on exploring emerging markets. Our expertise lies in developing competencies tailored to the demands of emerging markets and fostering learning through hands-on project execution.

At I-India, we employ a distinctive experiential learning pedagogy that integrates both physical and virtual tours. Our program designs are meticulously crafted to address unique challenges, ensuring that learning experiences are immersive and impactful. Whether delivered virtually, in-person, or through customized formats, our programs curate environments conducive to learning, facilitate experiential activities, and encourage guided reflection among participants.

We Focus On


“We deliver Faculty Accompanied Study Abroad programs and Action Learning Projects”

Fortune Thousands

“Executive Development programs and Innovation Projects”

Non Profits and Alumni

We organize Educational Tours for Lifelong Learning and Leisure Travel


I-India ascertains that contemporary India is the modernization of a culture whose timeline extends over 5000 years into history. The collective wisdom of millions, over the millennia has imbued the nation with solutions to confront the economic, environmental and security challenges of globalization. However, upon approaching India; one is confronted with the challenges of paradoxes, abundance and mind boggling diversity.

I-India primarily helps clients comprehend this paradox, sidestep the superficial and understand what exactly Indian culture is all about; how it is different from Western and Chinese culture and subsequently what that means to do business in India.

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